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Dr. Merlin Ager

Professor of Education

Adolescent/Young Adult Program Coordinator

Dr. Ager has served at CU for over 4 decades, including positions as education professor, chair of the department and dean of the school. Other professional experiences include principal at Dayton Christian Schools and junior high school teacher/counselor at Madison Wisconsin Public Schools. His degrees were received at Cedarville University, University of Wisconsin and Ohio State University. His wife of over 50 years, Ruth, served as administrative assistant in Student Services for 25 years. He enjoys visiting his two daughters and their families in North Carolina and San Francisco.

Dr. Ager has led multiple summer TESOL Missions teams to Hungary and has served at Faith Academy in the Philippine Islands (short term).

Areas of Expertise


Abstinence Education

Serving on the State of Ohio Social Studies Advisory Council.


In addition to his missions work, Dr. Ager enjoys riding his Harley Davidson Sportster.

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