Introducing CTL’s New Project Coordinator: Ryan Liming

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My name is Ryan Liming, and I’m a new member of the Center for Teaching and Learning team. In my role as the Project Coordinator, I assist our team in starting, maintaining, and finishing projects. I am also here to support our faculty and staff in any way that I am able. Our students need a Christ-centered education, and you as faculty are on the front lines of that battle. While you continue to serve students through educating them in a particular area of study, discipling them as followers of Christ, and assisting in their development of a Biblical worldview, allow us at the CTL to serve you. Please reach out to us if there is any way that we can serve you better! 

Just a few quick facts about myself: 

  • I recently got married and I love my wife! She is truly a BLESSING! 
  • Cincinnati is the greatest city in the world.  
  • My wife and I are always willing to read a new book, so if you’ve got any book recommendations you want to send our way, feel free! 
  • Finally, Jesus is King. Enough said. 

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