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Kaltura: Introduction and Important Terms

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Welcome to the start of our series about Kaltura, Cedarville’s new video management platform and replacement for Ensemble. Across this series, you’ll learn about topics such as accessing media previously stored in Ensemble, creating new videos or slide presentations, editing videos inside Kaltura, creating playlists, and adding media pieces to your Canvas course. 

We’re going to get started by going over some Kaltura terms and notes about how to access various features before diving into all of the great information about working with this new platform.  

Kaltura Terms 

Media Space 

Library of videos accessible through Media Space is where you can compose, add, edit, and share videos. You can also do advanced tasks such as create playlists, video quizzes, and interactive videos. 

My Media 

Media Space inside Canvas. Must be enabled in course navigation. 

Note: You’ll use Kaltura through when you want to create a permalink or import a video from OneDrive. For everything else, you can use Kaltura through Canvas. 

Media Gallery 

Library of videos that is solely tied to your course. Any video that you create or add to the course via My Media in your Canvas course or using the Kaltura Quick Ingest will be in this library. Must be enabled in course navigation. 

Note: All videos that are included in a published assignment, page, or announcement in your course will appear in the Media Gallery. Media Gallery also ignores locked modules, so if you have a “locked until [date]” set on one of your modules and a video exists inside that module, that video will still appear in the Media Gallery. Remember that you can hide Media Gallery from your Canvas navigation if you wish!

Now that you have this foundation of Kaltura knowledge, you’re ready to dive into the processes for adding videos, sharing them with students, and going even deeper with building video quizzes and looking at analytics. And we’ll be covering all of these in the next few posts.  

In the meantime, drop any questions you have in the comments below or email us at We’d love to answer those for you!  

Lauren Eissler contributed to this post.

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