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Calibrate: UBTech Conference Initial Takeaways

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Welcome to FOCUS’ new “Calibrate” series. As you calibrate a lens to fine-tune its focus, this series will highlight how Cedarville’s faculty and CTL staff are fine-tuning their skills, and they’ll share what they’re learning along the way.

In the first installment of the series, CTL’s New Media Developer, Jared Pyles is on location at the UBTech Conference and sent back this reflection on what he’s learned from the conference thus far.

What are the characteristics that define the current generation of learners? How are higher education campuses effectively meeting the needs of those students? How can we best utilize existing space to include all learners?

These questions and more have been discussed and presented at the UBTech Conference this week. One of my biggest takeaways thus far has been the change in how the classroom is viewed. The “general use” classrooms are being replaced by re-configurable, virtual spaces that allow for more collaboration, interactivity, and authenticity. The inclusion of 360 cameras in classrooms allows students to meet and learn anywhere. Even adding something simple as wheels to tables and chairs allows for reconfiguration of rooms for different learning and instructional styles.

So far, my big question is: How can Cedarville do an even better job at meeting the needs of our students? Our upcoming seniors are officially in a different generation than those 18- to 19-year-olds who will join our campus for the first time in just two short months. How is our campus meeting these different students where they are and how they learn best? So much to discuss! I can’t wait to share with you.

Oh and eSports is huge. Like, crazy big.

Thanks, Jared! Check back soon for our next installment in Calibrate. We’ve got some great things planned to share.

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