How Can I Import My Course Content without Overriding the Autosyllabus?

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Cedarville is launching an “autosyllabus” this fall – a syllabus template that’s pre-loaded into your course sections. This syllabus will have some sections pre-filled, but there are others where you’ll need to add the necessary information. Since the syllabus is already loaded in your fall section, you’ll need to remember that so you don’t override it when you bring over your course content. 

So how do you bring over your course content without overriding the syllabus? 

  1. Go to your fall course and click “add existing content.” 
  2. Select “Copy a Canvas Course” from the drop-down and search for the course.
  3. Next to the “Content” label, choose “Select specific content”
  4. If you want Canvas to auto-adjust your course dates, fill out those fields. (Check out How do I adjust events and due dates in a course import? for more information)
  5. Click “Import.” 
  6. Under the “Current Jobs” heading, you’ll see the info for your course copy. After a few seconds, you’ll see a “Select Content” button. Click that button. 
  7. On the window that pops up, select the course content you want to bring over. If you want your entire course, the check the boxes for everything except “Syllabus body.” This will bring over all your course content but keep the autosyllabus in your course. 
  8. Click “Select Content.” 

Canvas will then process the import and bring over the content. 

If you have already brought over your course content and accidentally overridden the autosyllabus, it’s okay. Delete all the content from the syllabus area in your course, then email and request the autosyllabus be installed in your course. In your email, remember to include the course, section, and semester. 

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