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How Can My Students Join Teams Meetings Scheduled through Canvas?

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If your students can’t see scheduled Teams Meetings in the “Microsoft Teams meetings” Canvas navigation link, there are four ways they can access those meetings. Before we dive into those, we have two quick notes: If you have created a repeating meeting, the join link will be the same for each scheduled meeting. To ensure students get all notifications and can join meetings easily, they should download the Microsoft Teams app

Without further ado, let’s look at the different ways students can join your scheduled meetings.  

Through an email notification 

When you create a Teams meeting (or series of meetings) inside Canvas, each student who is added as a participant will receive an email notification with a join link for the meeting. The student can then click the link in the email to join the meeting at the scheduled time.  

Through a join link you send out 

You can send students a link to join the meeting through Canvas announcements. 

  1. Go to the Microsoft Teams meetings page in Canvas and select a meeting you have scheduled.  
  2. Scroll down on the meeting details page to the text box and find the link titled “Click here to join the meeting.”  
  3. Highlight that link and copy it.  
  4. Create a Canvas announcement and paste the link. Add whatever other information you want before sending it to students.  

If you do not see the link in the meeting information, you likely do not have any participants set. Add participants to your meeting, click “Send update,” then open the meeting information again to get the join link.

Through a request once the meeting’s started 

If you’ve started a Teams meeting but you’re missing a student, you can send them a join request from the meeting. 

  1. In the meeting, click the “show participants” button.  
  2. Enter the student’s name and click “request to join.”  

The student will then receive a notification through the Teams mobile or desktop app – and only through those apps. This will not generate an email notification.  

Through the Microsoft Teams calendar 

If a student has downloaded the Microsoft Teams app, they can access their Microsoft calendar through the app. That calendar will show meetings that the student has been invited to. When it’s time for the meeting, the student can click the calendar entry then click the “join” button to enter the meeting.  

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Ryan Liming contributed to this post.

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