How Do I Update the Formatting for my Course Objectives in my Syllabus?

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In our last post, we talked about how to transfer your course to your spring section while keeping in mind the autosyllabus template. Most of the information in that post is still accurate – but the template formatting for the course objectives has changed. Instead of housing the objectives in the “Outcomes” page and directing students to view them there, the objectives are now included directly in the syllabus.  

If you didn’t bring over your syllabus from last semester, the syllabus in your spring section will have the correct objectives formatting! You’ll want to use that spring syllabus template as you work on your course. It’s easy to copy and paste the specifics from your fall syllabus into that template.  

If you did already bring over your syllabus, there’s thankfully an easy fix for changing the formatting. You have two options:  

  1. You can remove the syllabus, let the autosyllabus repopulate, and copy/paste your syllabus details back in
  2. You can remove the link from the old template and type in the objectives for your course.  

If you choose the second option, simply add the objectives as a bulleted list under the “Learning Outcomes” heading instead of the sentence with the link pointing to the outcomes page. 

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