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Kaltura: Creating Videos, Editing Videos, and Creating Playlists

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Now that you know how to add existing videos to Kaltura and share those videos, we’ll turn our attention to some additional tools Kaltura provides.  

Creating Videos using Express Capture and Kaltura Capture 

Kaltura Capture is already downloaded on classroom/lab computers as well as tech cars. For personal devices, install Kaltura Capture through my Media according to these instructions: download and install Kaltura Capture.  

With Kaltura Capture, you can capture a screen through either Canvas or Kaltura Media Space ( You have two options: Express Capture and Kaltura Capture 

  • Express Capture: use for brief video announcements. Now allows for screen sharing/capturing for up to 30 minutes but does not allow for annotations. 
  • Kaltura Capture: use for everything else. It allows for screen capturing as well as recording webcam and screen simultaneously (we’re focusing on Kaltura Capture because of the extended screen capture ability) 

Kaltura has created thorough resources for using Kaltura Capture:  

Editing a Video and Specifying a Beginning and End 

Kaltura uses the terms “Clip and Trim” and “Chop and Splice” to describe what their editor does.  

Clip and Trim – choosing a beginning or ending of a video (trimming). With “clipping,” you can create a segment of video from the initial video 

Chop and Splice – deleting a section (chop) then putting the remaining pieces together (splice) 

These tools are only available for certain media types.   

Type of MediaEdit/Create QuizClip & TrimChop & SpliceAdvertisementHotspots
YouTube EntryavailableN/AN/A

We recommend making an initial copy of the video as a “master” so you will never lose the original. 

Read more about Kaltura’s video editing tools

Creating, Editing, and Sharing Playlists 

Note: You can only work with playlists in MediaSpace ( 

Check out Kaltura’s documentation on playlists:  

Note: there are a lot of customizations for playlists. We recommend using the default settings, but feel free to explore! 

Copying a Kaltura playlist embed code into Canvas 

On the “Share & Embed” window, click “Copy Embed” 

The Share & Embed Kaltura window showing the watch link then the embed settings and embed code.

Go to Canvas and open or create a page, assignment, or announcement. Click the “</>” button under the bottom right corner of the text box. 

The Canvas Rich Content editor, focused on the buttons at the bottom right of the text entry box. An arrow points at the HTML button.

The appearance of the text box will change. Paste the embed code into the text box, then click “Save.” 

The Canvas rich content editor in HTML mode. A Kaltura embed code has been pasted into the box.

The playlist will then be embedded in Canvas.  

The saved Canvas page showing the Kaltura playlist embedded. A video thumbnail is shown with additional videos in the playlist underneath.

Next time we’ll be diving into video analytics as well as creating video quizzes. In the meantime, if you have questions, please drop them below or email us at We’d love to answer those for you! 

Lauren Eissler contributed to this post.

Originally posted August 9, 2022. Edited to reflect the new capabilities of Kaltura’s Express Capture.

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