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Microsoft Teams Meetings Recordings: Tips and Notes 

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In our deep dive on different Teams Meetings features, today we’ll turn our attention to recordings.  

You Can’t Pause Recordings 

In Zoom, you could temporarily pause a recording, then restart it. However, you cannot do this with Teams meetings. If you stop a recording then start recording again, you will have two separate recordings.  

Remember to Stop Recordings 

Teams will automatically stop a recording when all participants leave the meeting. However, you shouldn’t rely on that. If one of your students forgets to leave the meeting, the recording will continue for four hours before it’s stopped.  

Recordings Won’t Capture a Couple of Things 

Recordings will capture most everything on your screen. However, there are a few exceptions. A recording won’t capture 

  • Digital whiteboards 
  • Shared meeting notes (for more info, check out “Take meeting notes in Teams”
  • Videos or animations embedded in a PowerPoint Live presentation. If you include these, consider sharing links to the videos or animations in Canvas.  

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