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Project Feature: Research Article Illustrations

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You’ve probably heard of projects where the CTL works with instructors to create or improve their courses. But did you know that the CTL also works with instructors on non-course projects?

Dr. David Peterson, Assistant Professor of Kinesiology, approached the CTL for some help creating diagrams for a research project he was proposing. This research centered around whether certain people have an advantage in doing sit-ups based on having different bone length.

Peterson wanted to create some diagrams that would articulate the exact landmarks used for measurement. The CTL went through some trial and error in the process of designing the diagrams, starting with wheeling a skeleton across campus to our studio on Halloween for some pictures. Though the skeleton pictures staged and taken by student worker Miki Veness were not used in the final product, the skeleton (named Herbert by CTL staff) brought great amusement to the building for a few days. It was not uncommon to walk into your office only to be greeted by Herbert.

Since the skeleton pictures did not work as intended, the CTL created new images for the project by modifying some skeletal diagrams and adding captions/landmarks. Another student worker, Jinho Jung, also created an original diagram with a stick figure in a sit up position. Dr. Peterson’s article was picked up by The Sport Journal and can be found here.

The CTL created the graphics for Figures 1, 2, and 3; and the team working on the project is mentioned in the acknowledgements.

What now?

If you have questions about anything you read or suggestions for topics to be covered, leave a comment below. If you want help from the CTL on a project, contact the CTL by emailing us at

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