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Servant Teaching with the Mind of Christ

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Those whom God has called to serve have an extraordinary calling – to be conformed to the image of Christ through the power of Christ’s Spirit. This calling is true of every person who confesses Jesus as Lord. Phil. 2:1-18 shows Christ as our example of humility and can be summed up in the phrase “seeking to serve.” While this phrase is simple, the concept is also nuanced – anyone acting on Christ’s model with Christ’s mind will encounter conflict both internal and external. These conflicts are humbling, and they require honest reflection which reveals the need for supernatural power to overcome the situation.  

But you may ask “What does that have to do with teaching?” Everything. 

There are times when we need to do things in ways we do not like or even think will work. Still, seeking to serve means we seek the best of those served regardless of the circumstance. Now more than ever, the world needs to see teachers who look to others more than themselves. Cedarville University faculty embrace the mind of Christ. Still, there is room for growth, and one way to grow is to share with others your challenges and triumphs.  

In the blog posts to come, others will be sharing the challenges they faced as well as the successes. Have you had challenges with your course during COVID-19? Is the Spirit of God showing you ways to attend to the needs of your learners? How do you seek to serve your learners? How do you seek to serve your colleagues?  

All of us in the CTL seek to serve you, the faculty. Remember that you’re not alone – please let us know how we can help you.  You can contact us by leaving a comment on this post or emailing us at ctl@cedarville.edu

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