Submitting Final Grades from Canvas to the Registrar

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It’s a simple process to submit your final course grades to the registrar from Canvas. Before you start this process, however, you’ll want to follow these three tips for checking your Canvas gradebook to make sure you’re all squared away. Once you’re ready, follow these three steps: 

1. Click the “Submit Grades to Registrar” link in your course menu. 

If you don’t see the link there, click “Settings” in the course menu then the “Navigation” tab. Drag and drop “Submit Grades to Registrar” from the inactive items list to the active items list and click “Save.” 

2. Scan the information on the “Submit Grades” page. 

Is there a grade letter in the “final grade” column for each student? Is it the correct letter? If you answered no to either of these questions, check out your grade letters in your course settings. View instructions on how to do this in the “Three Tips for Checking Your Canvas Gradebook” post. 

3. Click “Submit.” 

If you get an error message, please email, and IT will work with you to resolve the issue. 

And that’s it! Your grades are submitted, and you’re ready to go on break. 

Editor’s Note: Last published December 15, 2023.

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