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Transform Your Teaching: Generative AI Applied with Dr. Jules White

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In this episode, Dr. Rob McDole and Jared Pyles chat with Dr. Jules White who has a Ph.D. in Computer Science and serves as Senior Advisor to the Chancellor for Generative AI in Education and Enterprise Solutions at Vanderbilt University. Check out the episode to hear their discussion about how instructors can help students become comfortable with generative AI and use it effectively.

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Dr. Jules White is excited about generative AI and sees it as a “new medium”—fundamentally transformative to how people live their daily lives. More specifically, Dr. White has seen AI’s impact in education. In his current position, he has been able to explore how to use it effectively in higher education through teaching prompt engineering. In these classes, he has seen others become comfortable using generative AI as they have found personal applications, such as analyzing data for lab reports. What would typically take days to do, ChatGPT could do in hours. All it took for those people to become comfortable with using generative AI was the personal connection and creative thought to apply it.  

To use generative AI effectively: 

  1. Find ways of amplifying your own creativity (augmented intelligence), then practice.
  2. Ask ChatGPT for three options, then choose one for yourself. This requires you to thoroughly engage with its responses.  
  3. Improve on what ChatGPT gives you. Consider everything from it as a “draft.” 

Dr. White understands the hesitation around generative AI, but he recommends you deeply understand it before you dismiss it. It’s not beneficial to develop a culture of fear surrounding AI in education. Shape the conversation about how to use it effectively so students are prepared for the future where generative AI is widely integrated. Find examples and methods of using generative AI to make that personal connection with your students.  

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