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Transform Your Teaching: Generative AI Applied with Kim Woodruff 

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In this episode, Jared Pyles and Dr. Rob McDole talk with Kim Woodruff who is the Director of Instructional Design at Manhattan College. Check out this episode to hear about Manhattan College’s current experience with Generative AI and possible applications that instructors can try. 

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Manhattan College’s approach to integrating Generative AI (GAI) begins with conversations with their faculty to reach them where they are at. They do not want to push for innovation too quickly, so they provide tips and tricks based on sound pedagogical ideas. Kim often encourages instructors to be experimental and use GAI to perform authentic tasks. 

Manhattan faculty have been adventurous with GAI in two areas: in the Communication department (to prepare students for it in the workforce) and in the Education department (there is a tendency to share information like lesson plans). Other innovators are interested in trying new things, including a professor using it in the game design program.  

On the student side, Manhattan College has made minor wording changes to its academic integrity policy but is relying on faculty to create their own policy, rather than creating a campus-wide policy on it. Kim also tested student usage of GAI, asking them to use it in an assignment. Only a few students used GAI, which was unexpected. Those that did use it had a better product. Kim thinks students are using tools like Grammarly but are still apprehensive about tools that use GAI.  

She has also used GAI as a student to help her understand articles/terms that seem to be wordy or overly complicated. She also asked ChatGPT to create a cartoon to help understand content. Kim recommends those interested in using GAI to integrate it into authentic daily tasks to get used to it and use it to simplify complicated information. 

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