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Transform Your Teaching: Recapping Generative AI Applied

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In this episode, Dr. Rob McDole and Jared Pyles conclude the series on Generative AI and reflect on what they learned. Check out the episode to hear their top three takeaways. They also announce the launch of a new tool we are using to hold asynchronous video discussions with listeners. Join on Flip with all your questions and reflections on the topics we cover. 

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Jared’s takeaways: 

  1. Adapt or die; Generative AI is not going away. 
  2. GAI should be treated like any other innovation. Users must have time to try it, and it must be seen as reliable and compatible with their work. The difference, though, is that the user must find the reliability and compatibility for themselves because GAI is a complex innovation.  
  3. GAI is a standalone tool and also one that can be the backbone of bigger things. The next step for using GAI is to use it to create—treat it like a programming language or a medium through which to present content. 

Rob’s takeaways: 

  1. Those working with GAI in education need to provide beneficial examples of AI use. 
  2. Christian education needs a voice through control of its own GAI model. 
  3. GAI use may erode trust on a larger scale than other tools in history. 


We want to hear from our listeners, so we’ve launched a discussion on Flip – a video discussion platform. Join us with all your questions and reflections.  

Join Transform Your Teaching’s Flip discussion group: (if it asks for a join code, use e5ea081d)

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