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Transform Your Teaching: Servant Teaching with Dr. Quentin Schultze, Part 3

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In this episode, Dr. Rob McDole and Jared Pyles conclude their interview with Dr. Quentin Schultze. Dr. Schultze—who has written several books, including one on servant teaching—talks about recording yourself teaching. Check out this episode to hear their conversation about how those recordings will benefit both you and your students. 

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There is always room for improvement in our teaching. Being reflective about how we teach is an excellent way of finding areas for improving our instruction. Recording—video, audio, or both—our teaching can be an opportunity to reflect on our teaching and make adjustments. You’ll usually see the major flaws right away, but you also might encounter more subtle things that you never would have discovered otherwise.  

Will students stop coming to class if we make our recordings available? In Dr. Schultze’s case, attendance did not go down. In fact, attendance went up. Many students will take advantage of available recordings by going back over their notes while reviewing the material. Lecture recordings also make your content accessible to those with learning difficulties as well as those who are “on the go” and want to access your content whenever and wherever. 

Resources from today’s episode

Servant Teaching: Practices for Renewing Christian Higher Education 

For more information on Dr. Schultze or his works, check out his website:

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