Adding Existing Rubrics to Your Canvas Course

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In previous posts, we’ve briefly talked about creating rubrics to use in your course. Canvas has great resources for how to accomplish that in their “How do I add a rubric to a graded discussion?” and “How do I add a rubric to an assignment?” walkthroughs.  

Today, however, we’re tackling a subset of that topic – adding existing rubrics to an assignment or discussion.  

  1. Open the “create rubric” form. For assignments, this is located under the assignment description; and for discussions, it’s in the “three dots” menu in the discussion header.  
  1. Click the “Find a Rubric” link in the top right of the rubric form. This will pull up a small window with your courses in the left column, rubric titles from the selected course in the center column, and the selected rubric in the right column. In addition to your course sections, you’ll see “Cedarville University” as an option in the left column. This category holds rubrics provided by Cedarville such as the Oral Communication Value Rubric and the Written Communication Value Rubric.  
  1. Once you’ve found the desired rubric, either click the rubric title in the right column or scroll to the bottom of the rubric and click the “Use This Rubric” button.  

The rubric is now ready for use in your assessment!  

If you have further questions about this process, please contact Canvas Support by calling x7905 option 1 or by live chatting through the Help menu in Canvas.  

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