Canvas New Quizzes and SpeedGrader

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Even though it isn’t a feature that’s advertised by Canvas, SpeedGrader can still be accessed and used with New Quizzes – it just takes a couple of extra clicks now. 

Let me diverge with a brief illustration: Imagine you’re going to pick up a tin of cookies from a friend’s house (you do this regularly). Typically, you would walk up to the front door, and the tin would be right there on a little table waiting for you. 

But then the process changed. 

You can still get your cookies; but now you need to walk around the house to the back door, knock three times, whisper “cilantro,” and the tin will be presented to you.* Same outcome, just a couple more steps involved in the process. 

This change in Canvas is similar, though way less involved and requiring fewer invocations of herbs. So, how do you access SpeedGrader for a New Quiz? You start in a different place – the Gradebook. 

  1. Click “Grades” from the course menu
  2. Scroll to the New Quiz you want to view with SpeedGrader
  3. Click on the grade cell for the first student in that column
  4. Click the arrow button that appears in that cell
    Screenshot of some Canvas gradebook cells for a Test Student. The "New Quiz" grade cell has been clicked on and now displays a small arrow button.
  5. In the tray that slides out from the right of your browser window, click the SpeedGrader link below the student and assignment names.
    Screenshot of the user detail tray in Canvas for a Test Student as it appears when accessed from the Gradebook. Links for the assignment and SpeedGrader are directly below the student name.

This launches SpeedGrader, and you can then work through your normal grading workflow. Without an herbal yodel.

*It should be noted that my office in CTL tends to operate under a similar procedure. But only on Fridays in February 2020. 

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