Canvas Reassign Assignment: An Easy Way to Ask Students to Resubmit Work

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Canvas has added a new tool in SpeedGrader to simplify your workflow. Imagine a student submits an assignment, but they dropped it in the wrong assignment or just grabbed the wrong document to upload. Previously, you’d message the student or leave a comment in SpeedGrader. The student would then need to see that note and remember to complete the request. Now Canvas has added a button in SpeedGrader that will add an assignment back to a student’s to-do list.  

Before we get into the how of this feature, there are some limitations you need to know about.  

  • This feature is only available for some types of assignments. It’s not available for External Tool (LTI), on paper, or no submission assignment types.
  • The assignment must have a due date in order to use this feature.  
  • This feature does not automatically extend the due date/close date for an assignment. If either of those need to be adjusted, you will need to do that manually.  

Using the submission reassignment feature is simple. Navigate to SpeedGrader for an assignment. If your assignment meets the criteria above, you’ll see a greyed-out “Reassign Submission” button on the right panel below the feedback comment box. Enter a comment in the feedback box (we suggest something that includes instructions or context for what you want the student to do) and submit the comment. That will activate the “Reassign Assignment” button and send it back to the student’s to-do list.  

If you have questions, please don’t hesitate to leave a comment below or email us at 

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