Canvas Update: Release Notes Available in the Canvas Help Menu

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We’re going to spend the next couple weeks looking at the new Canvas features being released in June. The first feature we’re focusing on is the release notes themselves.  

Release notes are currently available through the Canvas community website. You can go there each month to check out the planned changes or updates for Canvas.

But Canvas is making it even easier to view each new installment of the release notes. Once this new update goes live on June 19, you’ll be able to access the release notes from the Canvas help menu. In that menu, you’ll see the release notes for whatever role(s) you have in Canvas. In addition, you won’t need to manually check the menu for new release notes – Canvas will display an indicator on the “Help” menu icon so you know how many release notes are available to view.  

CTL will continue posting about the most relevant release notes here on the blog, but this new feature will allow you to access the release notes on your own easier than ever.  

Questions? Feel free to ask them here in the comments or send us an email at  

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