Canvas Update: Accessing New Quiz Settings

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In the latest update, Canvas made it easier to access the overall quiz settings for a New Quiz. Previously, you could set the overall points and due date for the quiz when you initially created it, then there was only a single, very specific method to access those settings again.  

With the update, you can now access those settings from almost anywhere in Canvas. Previously, you’d click on a New Quiz and immediately go to the “Build” page. Now when you click on a New Quiz from the Assignments, Quizzes, or Modules pages, you will be taken to the overall quiz settings page where you can adjust the quiz name, number of points, and due date/time.  

From there, clicking the “Save” button at the bottom of the page returns you to wherever you originated. On the “Build” page for the quiz (accessed by clicking the “Build” button on the Settings page), the “Return” button at the top right will return you to wherever you were before you began editing the quiz.  

Note: Accessing a New Quiz from the Gradebook still takes you directly to the “Build” page where you can add/edit questions.

If you have questions, please don’t hesitate to ask through the comments below or by emailing us at  

Editor’s Note: This post was updated April 27, 2021 to reflect the Canvas changes to the “Save” button as well as the behavior for the “Return” button.

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