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Canvas Update: Grade by Question in SpeedGrader

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With the update releasing April 15, Canvas is adjusting how instructors can review and grade New Quiz questions in SpeedGrader.  

Previously when scoring questions that needed manual grading, instructors could only view results organized by student. Now, Canvas will allow instructors to flip between students to grade by question. This is controlled by a setting in the “options” menu when you’re in SpeedGrader for a New Quiz.  

Turning on grade by question 

When in SpeedGrader for a New Quiz, click the settings gear at the top left, then click “options” in the menu.  

In the window that pops up, check the box for “grade by question,” then click “save settings.”  

Grade by question is now enabled!  

Grading by question 

Once grade by question is enabled, you’ll see some differences in how the quiz shows up in SpeedGrader. There is a question navigation bar on the left side of your screen that lists each question numerically in the quiz. But Canvas has also made it easier to know which questions definitely need your attention to be manually graded. SpeedGrader now displays which questions need manual grading and provides hyperlinks to them at the top of the quiz attempt. Once questions are graded, the links are removed from the top of the quiz.  

Canvas has also provided an easy way to save grades and switch between students. When you are grading a particular question, the “update” button to save the score is now directly below where you enter the grade for the question. Canvas has provided navigation buttons there as well to quickly and easily swap between students.  

For more information and detailed screenshots of how this process works, check out the Canvas Release Notes or the New Quizzes Grade by Question in SpeedGrader video. If you have further questions about how this works or any issues you may run into, contact Canvas Support through the help menu in Canvas or by calling x7905 option 1.  

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