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Canvas Update: New Quizzes Rich Content Editor and Hiding Quizzes Worth Zero Points in Gradebook 

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Canvas is updating New Quizzes once again on June 17. With these updates, the Rich Content Editor (RCE) will now be available to both instructors and students, and instructors can choose to hide New Quizzes worth zero points in the gradebook.  

Rich Content Editor 

Canvas is finally enabling the Rich Content Editor in New Quizzes! With this change, the content editor you use everywhere else in Canvas will be what you use as you create New Quizzes – and it’s what students will use when they need to type any answers.  

Having the RCE in New Quizzes means that all features specific to it will be available, such as the accessibility checker and the ability to record media within the quiz.  

An instructor's view of a New Quiz question that uses the Rich Content Editor
The RCE in New Quizzes from an instructor’s view. Screenshot from the Canvas Release Notes.
A student's view of a New Quiz question that uses the Rich Content Editor
The RCE in New Quizzes from a student’s view. Screenshot from the Canvas Release Notes.

Hiding New Quizzes Worth Zero Points  

Canvas is also adding a checkbox in New Quiz settings to hide quizzes worth zero points – practice quizzes. This will allow instructors to use this type of quiz without having a gradebook full of assignments that do not contribute to a student’s actual grades.  

New Quiz settings with an arrow pointing to the "Do not display in gradebook or the student's grade page" setting
New Quiz “do not display in gradebook” checkbox for quizzes worth zero points. Screenshot from the Canvas Release Notes.

If you run into any issues with either of these features or have any questions, Canvas Support is ready to assist you! You can contact them by chat via the “Help” menu in Canvas or by phone via x7905 option 1.  

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