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Canvas Updates: Publishing and Unpublishing Content in Modules 

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Canvas is updating how content is published in modules – and simplifying the process for publishing/unpublishing multiple items in their June 17 release. 

Previously, instructors would need to set the published/unpublished status on each module and each item within a module. So, if they wanted to unpublish an entire module to work on it, they would need to unpublish each item individually, then republish each item when they finished. Now with this update, the status of an entire module and its items can be changed at once!    

To use this new feature, click the drop-down publish/unpublish button for a module. You’ll see three items in this new menu – publish module and all items, publish module only, and unpublish module and all items.  

A module in Canvas showing the publishing options drop-down menu.
The drop-down menu options for publishing modules inside Canvas.

Canvas has also adjusted how the green published checkmark displays if a published assignment is unable to be unpublished. If a student has submitted work, the published icon will be a more muted green to indicate the assignment cannot be unpublished.

A module in Canvas that contains an assignment where a student has submitted work. The publish icon for that assignment is a faded green now.
A Canvas module with an assignment that has student submissions and cannot be unpublished.
The hover text for a faded green icon that indicates an assignment cannot be unpublished because of student submissions.
The hover text for a faded published button which indicates an assignment cannot be unpublished because of student submissions.

If you have questions, Canvas Support can help! You can contact them via chat through the “help” menu in Canvas or via phone by calling x7905 and selecting option 1.  

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