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Transform Your Teaching: The What, the Why, and the How of Technology Integration – Mental Models

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In this episode Dr. Rob McDole and Jared Pyles continue to talk about technology integration, this time focusing on helpful mental models for educational technology best practices. Check out the episode to hear about the planning cycle model and how Backward Design illustrates those principles.

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Building mental models can help educators approach using technology in their courses. One such mental model is “the planning cycle” which begins with identifying needs and determining whether they are real needs or felt needs. Once the real needs are identified, SMART goals can be created based on those real needs. After goals are established, it’s important to create an evaluation to determine if you met those goals.  

In education, the Backward Design approach illustrates these principles well. With this approach, an instructor starts by identifying their objective. To create appropriate objectives, an instructor must understand students’ current knowledge and ability levels. Objectives need to be measurable to be effective, and determining how students can prove they meet the objectives can be challenging. However, colleagues can be a help in this endeavor.  

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