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Canvas Updates: Rich Content Editor 

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It’s been a bit since we last wrote about Canvas updates, but some cool things have been happening. Canvas is always working on tweaking or adding things (you can keep up with them in the Canvas Release Notes!), but today we’re focusing on what’s changed in the Rich Content Editor (RCE) over the past few months.  

Access to detailed word/character count statistics 

The RCE displays word count at the bottom of the editor, but it’s expanded that functionality a bit. Now when you click on that word count, Canvas will pop a window and show you detailed word and character count.  

Dragging-and-dropping/pasting of content 

Previously, to add images or other files into a page in Canvas, you’d have to use the toolbar to upload the item. Now, Canvas allows you to simply drag and drop (or copy/paste) the item into the RCE! Canvas will save the item to an “Uploaded Media” folder in your course’s files. This isn’t just limited to files on your computer – you can also copy/paste images you find online, and Canvas will automatically link to the source.  

Check out this video on RCE dragging and dropping for a demonstration. 

Simplified toolbar button functionality 

Canvas has also tweaked how a few buttons in the RCE toolbar operate. Previously, some of the options had split functionality – if you clicked the link icon, it would give you one option, but if you clicked the arrow next to that button, it’d give you a menu with all linking options.  

Canvas has simplified this process to remove the dual functionality. Now, when you click the buttons for superscripts, links, images, recording/uploading media, documents, icon maker icons, or alignment, Canvas will display the menu for that feature instead of having the dual functionality.  

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