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Transform Your Teaching: Servant Teaching with Dr. Quentin Schultze, Part 1

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In this episode of “Transform Your Teaching,” Rob and Jared welcome Dr. Quentin Schultze into their continuing conversation on servant teaching. Dr. Schultze—who has written several books, including one on servant teaching—talks about potential obstacles to being a servant teacher and provides practical solutions for overcoming those obstacles. Check out the episode to hear their conversation about how knowing our students will make us more effective servant teachers.

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Students have a life outside of being a student. So, how can we see our students as a “whole person”? How can we empathize with our students? Knowing our students will make us more effective servant teachers.  

Many professors in higher education did not receive a whole lot of training on how to teach. This should cause us to examine ourselves and say, “How well are we really doing?” 

There are obstacles to servant teaching. Our teaching is often not very student-focused. We often see teaching as short-term which leads to regurgitation rather than life-long learning. 

In order to overcome these obstacles, we should ask students about our teaching and seek feedback from the students. It can also be helpful to adapt our office hours to make ourselves more available to students. 

To the best of our ability, we need to take the essentials and make those essentials accessible to our students. 

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Servant Teaching: Practices for Renewing Christian Higher Education 

For more information on Dr. Schultze or his works, check out his website: 

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