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How Can My Students Do Presentations in an Online Course?  

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Having students give presentations is easy enough in a face-to-face class – everyone is present and there’s few technology considerations that have to be made. But once you swap to an online format, a once-simple assignment gets more complex. How can students record presentations that include sharing a screen, video of themselves, and audio? How can students submit their videos so that just the professor can watch them? How can they submit videos so that their peers can view and comment? We’re going to walk through all the options so you can choose what is right for your course, and then we’ll also provide resources for you to pass along to your students for whichever method you choose.  

Creating Videos using Kaltura Capture  

Kaltura Capture is already downloaded on classroom/lab computers as well as tech carts. For personal devices, install Kaltura Capture through My Media according to these instructions: download and install Kaltura Capture.   

With Kaltura Capture, you can capture a screen through either Canvas or Kaltura Media Space ( Make sure your students use Kaltura Capture since it allows for screen capturing as well as recording webcam and screen simultaneously.  

Kaltura has created thorough resources for using Kaltura Capture:   

Students submit a presentation for only the professor to view 

This may be a less-common occurrence, but you may want your students to do a presentation or video recording that does not need to be viewed by the entire class. For this, you’ll use a Canvas online submission assignment, and students will embed their Kaltura video into their submission using the Kaltura button in the text editor.  

Students submit a presentation for classmates and professor to view 

For this method, create a discussion in Canvas. Students can embed their videos into discussion posts through the Kaltura button in the text editor. You can set up groups in those discussions so that only those in the groups can see the presentations, or you can leave them open to the whole class.  

Student Resources 

  • Kaltura: Sharing Videos 
  • Note: My Media must be enabled in the course settings for students to use it to embed videos in Canvas. Else, they will need to go to to get a link or embed code for the video.  

Note: republished to reflect the process of using Kaltura instead of Ensemble

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