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Microsoft Teams and Canvas: Joining and Recording Meetings and Uploading the Recordings to Canvas

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Last week we talked about how to set up the Microsoft Teams-Canvas integration and create Teams meetings within your Canvas course. Today we’ll be looking at the next step in the process – joining and recording meetings as well as uploading the recordings to your Canvas course.  

Joining a meeting 

You can quickly and easily join a meeting from Canvas.  

  1. In the course navigation, click “Microsoft Teams meetings” 
  2. The scheduled meetings for the course will be listed. Canvas will display a “join” button on the meeting tile when the meeting is scheduled to start. 
  3. Teams will prompt you to choose how to join the meeting. You can choose to download the Teams app if you haven’t already, or you can join the meeting in the browser. 
  4. You will then be able to choose your audio and video options. Use the toggles to turn on your audio and video, then click “join now.”  

Students will receive an email with the meeting details and invite link. They will need to use that link from the email to access the meeting.

Recording a meeting 

  1. In the Teams meeting, click the three dots in the menu bar at the top of the screen. 
  2. Select “Start recording.” Teams will begin recording your meeting, and it will also start a live transcription which will appear in a sidebar on the right of the window.  
  3. When you’ve finished your meeting, click the three dots again and select “Stop recording.”  

Uploading a recording to your course 

Recordings are automatically stored in your OneDrive in a “Recordings” folder that’s automatically created for you. You can quickly and easily add them to your course via Kaltura!

Check out Kaltura: Adding Videos to Your Library for the steps to add your Teams recording to Kaltura, then check out Kaltura: Sharing Videos for best practices on adding them to your course!

Next week we’ll continue this series and take a look at Teams itself and how you can leverage its features to use with your courses. Questions? Please leave us a comment below or email us at

Editor’s note: Updated January 13, 2022, to reflect that currently only instructors can join a Teams Meeting through Canvas and students need to use the link in the email sent to them.

Updated August 10, 2022 – removed the previous way to link Teams recordings into Canvas with the links for instructions for adding videos to Kaltura and sharing them from your Kaltura library.

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