New Quiz Update: Access Build Page Directly from Modules

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Canvas is updating their New Quizzes to make it simpler to add or edit questions from the Modules page. Previously, you’d need to open the quiz, scroll past the quiz settings, then click “Build” to access the page for adding or editing questions.  

But Canvas will allow you to bypass that settings page when you access a New Quiz from a module. Now, when you click the three dots to expand the menu, you’ll see an option for “Build” just below “Edit.” Click “Build” to jump straight to the Build page!  

Two quick notes:  

  1. This feature will be available starting September 29, 2021.
  2. This change only applies to the Modules page. If you access a New Quiz from the Assignments or Quizzes pages, you will still need to go through the edit settings page to access the build page.  

Questions about this change? Reach out to Canvas support at x7905, option 1 or through the “Help” link in Canvas.  

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