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Transform Your Teaching: Assessments with Dr. David Mulder 

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In this episode, Dr. Rob McDole and Jared Pyles revisit assessments with Dr. David Mulder, professor of education at Dordt University. Check out the episode to hear how Dr. Mulder approaches objectives, assessments, and serving his students.

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Dr. David Mulder emphasizes the need for clear learning targets and aligning assessments to those targets. He uses the analogy of an archery range, where the learning targets are the bull’s eye and assessments measure how close students come to hitting that mark. These assessments provide opportunities for educators to deliver specific and timely feedback to help students grow and improve.  

They also touch upon the challenge of time constraints in education and offer strategies to manage assessments effectively. One approach is to prioritize essential learning targets and to group related assessments together. A standards-based grading approach helps instructors emphasize fewer key concepts for assessment, allowing students to demonstrate their understanding comprehensively. Teaching fewer things well helps ensure students deeply understand essential content. These kinds of assessments serve students and equip them with the skills they need for success in life.  

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