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Transform Your Teaching: Content Delivery with Dr. Quentin Schultze

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In this episode, Dr. Rob McDole and Jared Pyles revisit content delivery with the return of the podcast’s first guest, Dr. Quentin Schultze. Check out the episode to hear how Dr. Schultze makes sure his students see the relevance and importance of his courses.

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Dr. Schultze approaches course content delivery carefully, knowing that content can easily be perceived as “boring.” He wants to make sure the content is the best while still ensuring that the delivery of that content is engaging and inspiring and that students walk away motivated. He does so by using narrative to show the content’s relevancy. In a face-to-face (or ‘incarnate,’ as Dr. Q likes to say) course, this content delivery approach is handled with various pedagogical strategies. In an online course, the delivery is shorter and focuses just on the essentials. 

The basics of Dr. Schultze’s narrative approach to content delivery are anticipation (“what’s going to happen?”) and identification (relevancy, helping students identify with the story). Instructors can pull narratives from different places: their own lives and background of the content itself. The important thing to remember is making the content relevant and personal for the students. 

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