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Transform Your Teaching: Back to the Basics – Communication 

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In this episode, Dr. Rob McDole and Jared Pyles discuss the value of clear communication with Professor Jim Leightenheimer. Check out this episode to hear about the benefits of communicating well with your students.

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Basic communication involves a sender, a receiver, the content, and the medium by which the content travels. However, communication can travel in many different modalities, and various hindrances can arise and muddle the message. Communication struggles are still present in education, so how can we model communication that seeks to benefit both sender and receiver?  

One way is to set the tone early. The first week of class—even the first day—is an excellent opportunity to model expected communication and set expectations. It is also a good time to establish a method of communication that will meet yours and the students’ needs. Email might not be effective, so being open to other methods can help you and your students.

Another way is to ensure assignment feedback is meaningful and constructive. Sometimes that feedback means students face hard truths; however, students are more likely to see the benefit and grow from it when it’s communicated with humility.  

Above all, humility is necessary. Communication with students can be frustrating, especially when that communication is fielding the same question you’ve already answered multiple times. But that just provides an opportunity to practice humility and gracious communication.  

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