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Transform Your Teaching: Back to the Basics – Content Delivery 

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In this episode, Dr. Rob McDole and Jared Pyles discuss content delivery. Check out the episode to hear how content delivery is the “car” in the road trip metaphor.

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At its core, content delivery is about communicating necessary information to learners. Content delivery started with people using their voices to share knowledge with others. Over time, various other methods have been developed, often with the help of technology.  Other approaches to content delivery include collaboration, self-paced learning, labs, and interactive video quizzing. 

When deciding what content to deliver, instructors must ensure that their content aligns with the course objectives and assessments. This can be challenging because there is a temptation to give students everything they need to pass the test or course—even what might be irrelevant. However, instructors must find the middle ground where they equip students with the skills to understand the content, think critically, and ask questions. Instructors should also provide feedback and guide students along their learning paths. 

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