Canvas Update: New Quizzes and the Modules Page

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In the new Canvas update, you’ll see some new functionality with New Quizzes on the Modules page inside Canvas. Previously, if you tried to add a quiz from the Modules page, your only option was a Classic Quiz. If you wanted a New Quiz, you needed to create it from the Quizzes page before going back to the Modules page and adding it to your module.  

But with the March 20 update, the content selector for a module will now show you which quizzes in your course are Classic Quizzes and also allow you to create a New Quiz. Let’s take a look at each.  

Identifying Classic Quizzes 

Screenshot of the “Add Item” pop-up for a module. All Classic Quizzes in the course are now signified with “classic” in parentheses after the quiz name.
Screenshot of the “add item” window for a module showing how quizzes are identified as a Classic Quiz

In the new Canvas update, you can quickly identify which quizzes are built in the classic quiz engine vs the new quiz engine. All Classic Quizzes have “classic” in parentheses after their name.  

Creating a New Quiz 

Screenshot of the “Add Item” pop-up for a module with “Create Quiz” selected. The pop-up now allows you to select “New Quizzes” or “Classic Quizzes” before creating the quiz.
Screenshot of the quiz engine option in the “add item” window for a module

With the new update, you’ll follow the same process of adding a quiz from a module – just now with the ability to choose your quiz engine. After clicking to add the item and choosing “Quiz,” click the “Create Quiz” option. Canvas will then allow you to choose either “New Quizzes” or “Classic Quizzes” before adding in the rest of your basic quiz information.  

If you have questions, please don’t hesitate to leave a comment below or email us at We’d love to help you out however we can.  

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