How Do I Create and Edit Questions in an Item Bank and Add Them to a New Quiz?

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Last week we talked about the Top Three Things to Know about New Quiz Item Banks. Today, we’re looking at the next step in that process – creating questions in the item banks, editing questions, and adding questions to a New Quiz.  

Creating Questions 

From a QTI File 

If you have a test bank in  QTI format (such as a test bank from a publisher), you can import it into a New Quiz Item Bank.  

  1. Go to a New Quiz in your course (if you don’t have one, create one).  
  2. Click the three dots in the top right corner of the quiz and select “Manage Item Banks.”  
  3. If you already have a bank there for the questions, click it. Else, click the “Add Bank” button to create one before clicking the name.  
  4. In the item bank, click the three dots in the top right corner and select “Import Content.”  
  5. Add the QTI test bank file by browsing or dragging and dropping and click “Import.”  


If you don’t have a QTI file of questions, the other option is to add the questions manually. For this method, you’ll also want to be in the “Manage Item Banks” view.  

  1. Click the item bank you want to add the items to. If one doesn’t exist, create it.  
  2. Click the “Add New” button in the top right.  
  3. Select the kind of question you want to create.  
  4. Fill in the question title (a name to identify it in the bank), the question stem, and whatever other pieces of information is needed for that kind of question.  
  5. Click “Done.”  
  6. Repeat 2-5 for the rest of your questions.  

Editing Questions 

When you have questions in an item bank, the title, stem, and answers can only be edited in the item bank. Point values and some other options can be edited inside the quiz.  

You can access the item bank through either the “Item Banks” or “Manage Item Banks” method. Additionally, you can go to the question in the quiz, click on it, then click “Edit in Bank.”  

Inside the bank, click the pencil icon to open the question for editing. Make whatever changes you need then click “Done.”  

Note: An Item Bank is the repository for questions that can be used in multiple courses. Editing an item in the Item Bank will change the question everywhere it appears – btu it won’t retroactively change it in past semesters. For more info on this, check out Top Three Things to Know about New Quiz Item Banks.  

Adding Questions to a New Quiz 

Now that you’ve got all your questions in an item bank, you just need to add them to your quiz!  

On the “Build” page of your New Quiz (the page you land on when you click on a New Quiz), click the “plus” button below the instructions text box. Click the Item Bank icon – it looks like a piggy bank. Select your item bank in the list. You can now add specific questions to the quiz or add all the questions at once/a random set.  

Add Specific Questions 

For each question you want, click the “plus” button in the top left corner.  

Add Random Questions (or All Questions) 

Click the “All/Random” button at the top of the Item Bank panel. Close the panel. If you leave the quiz as-is, you’ll have all the questions from that Item Bank in the quiz.  

To have a random subset, click the edit button for the item bank “question.” Select “Randomly select questions,” then enter the number of questions you want. Then, click “Done.”  

We’ll be looking at more aspects of New Quizzes in the future. In the meantime, please leave us a comment below or send us an email at if you have questions!  

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