Canvas Update: Printing New Quizzes

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Canvas has continued expanding the available features for New Quizzes. With their latest update, you can now print off a quiz, either with or without the answers marked.  

Before we jump into the “how,” we’re going to spend a few moments talking about some essential details.  

  1. This is only available for quizzes built with the New Quiz engine inside Canvas (quizzes indicated with the solid rocket icon). 
  2. If you have your quiz set up to randomly pull questions from an item bank, you will get a random assortment of questions in your printed quiz. You would only get all questions if you set your quiz to take all questions from the item bank.
  3. The printed quiz is displayed exactly how a quiz displays in Canvas – it is not converted to a document file with editable text.
  4. This feature currently does not play nice with quizzes set to “one question at a time.” If you want to print out a quiz, make sure you turn that setting off before printing the quiz.  

And now for the “how.” Canvas has made it simple to access and select settings.  

  1. Open a New Quiz and click “Build.”  
  2. Click the three dots menu in the top right corner (next to the “return” button).  
  3. Select either “Print Key (With Answers)” or “Print Blank Quiz”  
  4. For either option, select the desired text size and click “Print Preview.”  
  5. Choose your desired printer or PDF option and click “Print.”  

For more details, check out “How do I print a quiz in New Quizzes?” 

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