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Canvas Updates: Accessing SpeedGrader for New Quizzes 

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In its May 20 update, Canvas has made it easy to access SpeedGrader for a New Quiz. Previously, you’d have to find the New Quiz in the gradebook or in your “to-grade” list to get to SpeedGrader. Now, you can access it through just about anywhere you can access a New Quiz in Canvas – including inside the build pages for the New Quiz itself!  

From Canvas modules or the Quizzes/Assignments pages, click the three dots for the quiz and select “SpeedGrader” from the drop-down.  

A module in Canvas showing the drop-down settings menu for a new quiz. The "SpeedGrader" link in this menu is highlighted.

From both the New Quiz overall settings page and the “Build” page where you can edit the quiz questions, you can again click the three dots in the upper right corner to select “SpeedGrader” from the drop-down.   

A new quiz settings page showing the drop-down menu from the "three dots" button at the top right. The "SpeedGrader" link in this menu is highlighted.

And if you’re in the “Moderate” tab for a New Quiz, there’s a dedicated “SpeedGrader” button at the top right! 

The moderate tab in a new quiz with an arrow pointing to the SpeedGrader button at the top right.

But this update doesn’t just apply to New Quizzes. These SpeedGrader links are now present for Classic Quizzes, Assignments, and Graded Discussions also!  

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