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Transform Your Teaching: A Conversation with Dr. Vladimir Bratic

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In this episode, Dr. Rob McDole talks with Dr. Vladimir Bratic who has a PhD in Mass Communication from Ohio University and is an assistant professor of Media and Communications at Hollins University. Check out this episode to hear how Dr. Bratic advises higher education instructors to navigate the future of education with the growth of ChatGPT. 

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Dr. Bratic wants students to think critically so they can learn on their own and be able to ask the right questions. Rather than focusing on content delivery, he is passionate about teaching students “how to think, not what to think”— and this informs how he thinks about AI and ChatGPT. He reflects on the environment of higher education and its response to ChatGPT, pushing instructors to reconsider traditional teaching dynamics such as lectures and multiple-choice tests in favor of more modern methods that prepare students for the anticipated complexities of a 2030 society. He encourages faculty to consider the world that higher education students are going to be facing instead of the world they face now.  Contact us at ctlpodcast@cedarville.edu with any questions. You can also visit our blog at cedarville.edu/focusblog for additional resources.

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