Why Did Some of My Grades Disappear in My Gradebook?

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Let’s imagine a scenario. You have an assignment in your course. Most of your students completed it, and you graded their work. One student didn’t complete the assignment, but you agreed to give them an extension. You went into the assignment settings, opened the assignment back up to them, and merrily went on your way – until you later went to grade their work and discovered you could no longer see the submitted work from any of your other students. You checked the gradebook, and sure enough, the grades you’d previously entered were no longer there either.  

Even though this is a scary scenario, this can be resolved quickly and painlessly. When you reopened the assignment to the last student, you accidentally reassigned the assignment to only them instead of clicking the “add” button to add another set of due dates/times.  

To fix this problem and have all the grades show up again, go into the assignment settings, click the “add” button, and assign the assignment to “everyone else.” You’ll now see all the grades properly in the assignment as well as the gradebook.  

If this method didn’t fix your problem, contact Canvas Support! They’ll be able to help you figure out what caused your grades to disappear. If you have questions, please don’t hesitate to ask through the comments below or by emailing us at

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